Cabin Air Filtration

Cabin air filtration is a mechanical process where the air purification take place by involving a air cleaning media which normally made of fibrous material(non-woven) with electrostatic applied.

Cabin Air Filtration Process
  • Polluted cabin air contains of dust, micro particles being ducted toward filter media.
  • Air filtering through the filter media when passing through, leaving dust and micro particles behind.
  • Filtered clean air ducting toward air conditional cooling coil.

Cabin Air filter

Cabin air filter is a device composed of fibrous materials with pores size less than 5 micron meter which removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen and micro particles from the air. There are two functions of cabin air filter.


  • Ensure the cabin air free of dust, smell odor, dead dust mites, mold spores and clean for safety inhaling purpose, reduce the chance of inhaling disorder.
  • Keep dust away from air conditional cooling coil, avoid air blocking and prolong cooling coil life span.

Cabin Air Filter/Air Conditional System
Cabin Air Filter/Air Conditional System

Cabin Air Filter/Air Conditional System

Standard cabin filter interval change millage is 5000km (Maximum) or every 3 months in order to provide maximum conditional air blow performance. Insufficient air conditional air flow will lead to insufficient cabin cooling effect and indirectly affected the compressor pump due to high work load.

High pressure air blowing method or liquid washing method to remove clogged dust are strictly prohibited due to the damage of air filter media and building up of fungus will occur due to humidity.